Welcome to TMA Media Group (TMAMG). We specialize in publishing administrative services for faith-based creative artists, bands and other musicians.

What We Do

For TMA signed-artists we offer an Administrative Publishing deal at a 90/10 split (artist 90%, TMAMG 10%) instead of the usual 50/50. If you are not signed with TMA the split is typically 50/50. In both scenarios we service the writer by collecting all sources of income and handling all aspects of administration with no MDC (minimal delivery commitment). TMAMG is registered as a publisher with ASCAP.

TMA Media Group provides the following services primarily to independent (“indie”) artists and songwriters:

  • Serve as a clearing house for the licensing of original music
  • Promote songs to musicians in search of new material
  • Issue mechanical licenses for use in recordings
  • Collect licensing fees (song administration)

Our parent company, The Management Agency (TMA), develops and manages indie artists & bands, ministries, and other faith-based performing artists. TMA artists are always either writing new material or in search of material from other writers. TMA Media Group brings the writer and the performer together with the right material for their project.